Wire Rope Lubricants

InterChem is partnered with Elaskon Sachsen, the German specialty lubricant manufacturer which has been specialising in the production of wire rope lubes and preservation agents for decades. With long-standing consultation with wire rope manufacturers, scientific and technical institutions, as well as rope users in materials handling technology, ensures the use of accumulated experience and new research findings is passed on to our customers.

The right rope lubricant for every rope application

Elaskon’s rope lubricants provide excellent corrosion protection to the wires used in the rope. They improve quality, reduce friction, have lubricating and adhesion properties, are temperature-resistant and extend the service life of the rope.

The excellent lubricating properties of Elaskon’s rope lubricants significantly reduce metallic abrasion in the strand and the rope.

All this contributes significantly to increasing the service life of a wire rope. Whether for lifts, mining, cable cars or crane systems (mobile crane, tower crane, dockside crane, etc.), Elaskon provides the right wire rope lubricant for every application.

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