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Value Creation from InterChem Products in Coal Flotation


InterChem Mining supply a range of reagents for coal flotation applications, including traditional reagents such as MIBC, as well as new chemistries in combination with novel technologies to improve safety and metallurgical performance. Our Services include testwork at accredited laboratories, plant trials, and continuous improvement and reagent optimisation initiatives. Recent highlights include performance improvements made by selected frother and collector reagents as decribed below. Further details can be provided from your local InterChem representative.


INTERFLOAT® F219B is a flotation frother which provides bubble stability and prevents bubble coalescence during the flotation process, and is suited to applications where a selective, low strength frother is desired. The use of INTERFLOAT® F219B has demonstrated similarities to the performance achieved by MIBC (Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol) frother but offers improved safety on mine sites by eliminating the risk associated with the flammable nature of MIBC, and therefore achieving a non-dangerous goods classification. This then leads to sustainability benefits derived from cost savings through reduced capex, improved resource efficiency and reduced energy usage. 


INTERCOL® C 5080 is a flotation reagent which provides improved particle hydrophobicity and bubble-particle attachment during the flotation process and is suited to applications where oxidised coals are not readily floatable with diesel as collector. The use of INTERCOL® C 5080 as a polar collector can improve yield and combustibles recovery without increasing ash significantly in the final product. Polar collector also offers improved safety on mine sites by reducing the harmful risk to human health associated with diesel and contributes to cost savings through reduced diesel usage. 

This reagent offers several sustainability benefits as it ensures lower consumption of flotation chemicals and increases process efficiency. 

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