Proprietary INTERCOL® collector range designed to optimize flotation performance of metal sulfides, industrial minerals, precious metals, rare earths and coal fines. InterChem's range of specialty collectors have been researched and formulated to ensure customers are able to achieve the optimum flotation performance for their ore type. INTERCOL® specialty collectors can also be tailored to meet individual needs and site requirements, with blends that can be specially formulated for individual customers that address problematic ores that other standard collectors can perform poorly with. Specialised collectors include dithiophosphates and thionocarbamates, as well as dithiocarbamates, mercaptobenzothiazoles, mercaptans and phosphonic acids. InterChem also supplies quality xanthates used as bulk sulfide collectors sourced from high quality producers, and come guaranteed for active product purity. InterChem offers a number of xanthates, ranging from the weakest and most selective; such as SEX to the strongest such as PAX where powerful non-selective flotation is needed. Our product range includes SEX, SIPX, SIBX, PAX and SAX. InterChem also proactively works to meet complex mining reagent challenges where some operators seek to replace xanthates with safer and cost effective alternatives for the flotation of base metal sulfide and gold ores. InterChem's technical team, with extensive experience in flotation and mineral processing, is able to provide prompt and professional product support to its customers.

Flotation Collectors to Optimize Recovery and Mineral Selectivity

InterChem collector chemistries include:


Phosphonic acids
Specialty blends
Tall oil fatty acids
Xanthate Replacements

Alkyl Sulfates


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