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The unique range of frothing properties and selectivity is what gives the different InterChem INTERFLOAT® frothers their application and performance benefits in a wide range of flotation situations.

InterChem’s INTERFLOAT® range of flotation frothers includes alcohols, glycol ethers and blends, polyglycols, and blends of proprietary chemicals, and covers the full range of requirements, from low strength for selective flotation through to high strength for coarse particle recovery for all ore types. Appropriate frother selection is based on properly satisfying criteria around froth strength, froth stability and solution properties, and other phyiscal properties based on frother chemsitry type, which are then applied to a range of flotation applications and processing by ore class.

The InterChem Frother Selection Guide and Brochure attached has further details on uisng the INTERFLOAT® frother range. Principal product characteristics are described by the different Series frothers. They range from the INTERFLOAT® 400 series of frothers which are recognised as strong frothers, to the INTERFLOAT® 300 series which are intermediate strength frothers, to the INTERFLOAT® 200 series which are low to moderate strength frothers, and include some of the weakest and most selective frothers in the range.

The special range of frothing properties and selectivity found in the low strength frother products (INTERFLOAT® “200’s Series”) provides application and performance benefits in a wide range of flotation situations, including coal flotation. The INTERFLOAT® “200’s Series” can be successfully used in conventional and column cell flotation and in Jameson cells.  These InterChem materials typically generate improved frother efficiency, whilst retaining good grade selectivity and low levels of residual frother in solution. Safety and handling aspects have been carefully considered during formulation, and the frother products in this Series offer an advantage in being classified (GHS) as Category 4 flammable liquids with a flash point above 60 °C making them non-dangerous goods.  

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