Product Focus: Spodumene (Lithium) Flotation Collectors For Enhanced Recovery


Flotation Froth containing iron

InterChem is a leading reagent-based solutions provider for the recovery of lithium and rare earths from various hard-rock sources through flotation. To meet growing lithium demand, for electric vehicle batteries and broader power storage needs, InterChem is seeking more efficient means of producing high-purity lithium with reduced cost and environmental impact. InterChem’s specialty collector and frother reagents can enhance lithium processing to improve productivity and reduce customers' operating costs.

  • INTERCOL® collectors for lithium beneficiation optimize spodumene flotation, via greater selectivity against iron to produce high-grade spodumene concentrates and better overall metallurgical performance compared to traditional collectors. InterChem offerings include fatty acids, sulfosuccinamates and phosphonic acid collectors.
  • INTERFLOAT® frothers are formulated to optimize spodumene flotation (lithium recovery) and allow for lower dosages compared to typical alcohol based frothers.


Fatty Acid Collector Products for Lithium Mineral Flotation

  • INTERCOL® C 9000 Series of premium fatty acid collectors are proprietary high performance fatty acid collectors. The INTERCOL® C 9000 Series collectors are suitable for floating a wide range of oxide ores including spodumene and numerous rare earth elements such as monazite and xenotime, glass sands, apatite, and numerous other minerals.


  • A wide range of fatty acid collectors are available of varying fatty acid composition, with the option to tailor with dispersing additives to tune an enhanced performance for various mineral system applications. Selected high-performance collectors from the INTERCOL® C 9000 Series product range have displayed superior Li2O Grade/Recovery performance when floating spodumene in comparison to standard commercially available Tall Oil Fatty Acids (TOFA) and competitive blended fatty acid collectors.


  • Whilst other fatty acid collectors only achieve acceptable flotation performance in relatively clean (low TDS) tap water, products within the INTERCOL® C 9000 Series have also demonstrated their ability to outperform standard commercially available options when using hypersaline site process water.
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