InterChem supplies a range of finished specialty high-performance lubricants and synthetic ester bases from Nyco and Elaskon to a range of applications supporting the Aeronautics, Automotive, Defense and Wire Rope applications.

Servicing a broad range of lubricant applications


  • Paraffinic and naphthenic base oils for use in automotive and industrial lubricants
  • Specialty esters [TMP Trioleate, Penta Trioleate, mixed esters] for synthetic lubricants
  • Synthetic and natural sulfonates in LMW, MMW, HMW [sodium petroleum sulfonates, calcium sulfonates/ neutral up to TBN 400] for use in industrial metal working lubricants
  • Water displacing corrosion inhibitors
  • Oil emulsifiers and
  • Short and medium term rust preventative coatings

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