Xanthate Replacements For Improved Flotation Performance


SEX vs C 4450

     Sodium Ethyl Xanthate (S.E.X)                       INTERCOL® C 4450

The INTERCOL® range of collectors can potentially replace xanthates such as sodium ethyl xanthate (S.E.X) in copper-gold (Cu-Au) flotation, which can eliminate the requirement for storage and handling of dangerous xanthates on-site and reduce reagent expenses owing to a significant improvement in dose efficiency.

INTERCOL® C 4450 is a commercially developed replacement collector for S.E.X in Cu-Au flotation. It can offer numerous operating benefits, including a potential reduction in operating costs.

As a xanthate replacement, INTERCOL® C 4450 collector offers the universal operating benefits of:

(1) elimination of the requirement for dangerous goods storage (Class 4.2), handling, and mixing of xanthates on-site,

(2) simplified dosing requirements as the reagent is supplied in liquid form, and

(3) significantly longer shelf-life (>12 months) compared to xanthate solutions (typically 1-2 months).

For some operations replacement with INTERCOL® C 4450 also can reduce overall reagent costs owing to up to 50% dosage dosage reduction in consumption relative to S.E.X.

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