INTERFLOAT® frother series providing the full range of froth strength properties, froth characteristics and solution properties to optimize frother performance and frother residuals. The INTERFLOAT® series is a comprehensive range of specialty frothers developed and manufactured by InterChem and carefully formulated to deliver the full spectrum of frother properties (e.g. selectivity, water solubility, kinetics, hydrodynamics) and froth strengths required in coal, mineral sulfide, precious metal, industrial mineral and mineral sands applications. This is achieved by combining significant industrial experience in frother application and existing product technologies, as well as utilizing innovative new product development. Customised formulation by ore type ensures that our frothers are able to achieve significant benefits from improved metallurgical performance, reduced rates and costs and improved safety profiles. InterChem’s frother range is based on various pure aliphatic alcohols including methyl isobutyl carbinol (MIBC) and 2-ethyl hexanol, with a range of molecular weights and physical properties, polyglycols and polyglycol alkyl ethers formed from condensation of alkylene oxides with lower alcohols, and other raw materials. When carefully formulated together these chemistries offer different performance characteristics and flammability ratings to suit differing flotation applications and customer needs. InterChem materials typically generate improved frother efficiency, whilst retaining good selectivity and low levels of residual frother in solution. Safety and handling aspects have been carefully considered during formulation, and the frother products in this INTERFLOAT® F-Series offer an advantage in being classified (GHS) as Category 4 flammable liquids with a flash point above 60 °C making them non-dangerous goods.

Full range of frother strength, froth stability and solution properties, which can be applied to a range of froth flotation applications

Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol (MIBC)
C4-C10 alcohols

Pine oil and terpene fuel oil
Esters and aldehydes

Glycols, polyglycols and polyglycol ethers
High flash-point and non-DG frothers
Tailored frother solutions

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