Interfloat 200 Series - Coal Frother Plant Trial

InterChem Mining's Simon Assmann and Anthony Lardner were able to squeeze in follow-up plant trial work with a non-DG MIBC-alternative at BMC's South Walker Creek CHPP between the interminable Victorian Lock-Downs and State Border closures. It's never been a more difficult time to assist our valued clients with site support as it has been during the Covid-19 pandemic, however it was great to be able to roll up the sleeves again and help our customers, albeit briefly.

Interfloat 200 Series - Coal Frother Plant Trial's blog image.

BHP and the coal industry more broadly is working towards innovations in safety as well as process improvements, and the InterChem Team has been supporting these initiatives with R&D, metallurgical laboratory programs and plant trial support for many years.

The Interfloat 200 Series of frothers in the InterChem frother range are extensively developed and plant tested chemistries, and are proven to work in a broad range of coal flotation settings, as well being adopted in polymetallic, selectivity-demanding differential flotation applications.

InterChem would like to thank the team at SWC and BMC for the time and effort supporting this continuous improvement and safety initiative.


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