Interchem Group of Companies

Interchem Pty Ltd

Interchem Pty Ltd was founded as International Chemicals Pty Ltd in 1992 by owners Ken Lardner and John Sewell. As business partners for over 32 years they successfully operated Chemical and Petroleum Industries until its acquisition by Pennzoil USA in 1989. This considerable business and industry experience has provided competitive foundations in which to build a respectable portfolio of specialty chemicals. Today, Interchem is a highly reliable ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, dedicated to the importation, sale and distribution of chemical raw materials into the Australian and NZ markets.

Quality Policy
Interchem Pty Ltd distributes high quality specialty chemicals into a wide variety of industries.  As part of the policy to meet and where possible exceed its customers’ expectations, Interchem and all its staff are committed to:

  • Learning the stakeholders’ external and internal issues and developing strategic directions to improve intended results.
  • Meeting the stakeholders’ expectations for quality such as value for money, prompt service, safety, reliability, technical support and after sales service by monitoring and reviewing stakeholder requirements.
  • Continually improving the service, efficiency and capability of the business through measuring performance, to meet stakeholders’ needs.
  • Measuring the performance and using this measure as a basis for further improvement and progress towards the quality objectives.
  • Monitoring and reviewing risk and opportunities to evaluate effectiveness of the planned results.
  • Being a responsible employer (to employees), supplier (to customers) and community member by meeting all relevant Safety Health and Environment regulations; be they Australian or global.
  • Meeting and maintaining compliance with ISO 9001:2015.