Specialty Amines

InterChem supplies specialty amines manufactured by Eastman; from value engineered materials through to low odour low VOC materials imparting enhanced formulation stability. If your project is to reduce ammonia content, improve stability, lower or eliminate odour and VOC; we've got you covered.

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Specialty Amines for Paint Formulation

Eastman's Advantex™ range is a colourless to light yellow liquid with a mild amine-like odour offering cost effective neutralisation of paints market leading paint stability.

Advantex™ is used as a neutralizing amine additive for coatings. Advantex™ not only provides excellent buffering capacity but also improves the performance of paint through enhanced pigment dispersion properties.

Advantex™ DM product is used as a neutralizing amine additive for coatings and provides excellent buffering capacity and is a cost-effective choice to achieve low odour paint.

Advantex™ AR provides excellent buffering capacity for flat and non-flat architectural paints.


Vantex™ T is a neutralization amine additive that will allow paint manufacturers to formulate high quality paints, having virtually no amine odour. The product has a very low vapor pressure exhibiting virtually no odour. It can be used as a replacement for current paint neutralization systems.

Vantex™ T’s VOC contribution is dependent on regional test method.

  • USA EPA test Method 24 reports the amine does not contribute to the VOC content.
  • ASTM D6886 with methyl palmitate as the GC marker reports a VOC content.
  • In Europe Vantex™ T is not considered a VOC by Article 5 of EU directive 2004/42/EC due to the boiling point being above 250°C.

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