Solvent Extractants

Solvent Extractants

Solvent extraction is a critical unit operation in the hydrometallurgical processing of many ores, and is widely applied on a commercial scale for valuable metal recovery. Interchem offers a range of solvent extraction reagents for purification and concentration of various metals from pregnant leach solutions (PLS) including beryllium, copper, nickel/cobalt, niobium, rare earths, uranium, vanadium, zinc and various other metals. Selected extractants are also effective for removal of common impurities prior to valuable metal recovery. InterChem also offers a range of high purity diluents to optimize extraction efficiency and cost. These reagents show good solubility with extractant, longer recycling service life than high aromatic solvents, high flash point to reduce evaporation loss and improved fire safety, and being very low aromatics minimize interference of extraction efficiency caused by aromatic degradation. They are therefore suitable solvents for metal extraction.

Products: High Purity Reagents For Improved Metal Extraction

Key products:

  • IONQUEST® extractants
  • Uranium extractants
  • Nickel-Cobalt extractants
  • Metal Extraction Diluents 
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