Activated carbon is essential for Carbon-in-Pulp (CIP) and Carbon-in-Leach (CIL) gold recovery processes. Interchem offers a range of high activity coconut shell activated carbons produced by PJAC and made to quality and stringent specifications. These products are derived from a single region (Philippines), which guarantees consistency of quality and availability at the required specifications. The range of PJAC carbons have been tailored and optimised for use in CIP and CIL circuits, with advantages including significantly lower attrition rates and therefore lower associated gold losses.

Products : For Improved Leaching Performance and Metallurgy

Key products:

  • Activated Carbon (Gold) PJAC® 
  • Sodium Metabisulfite (SMBS) (Cyanide Destruction)
  • Copper Sulphate (CuSO4) (Cyanide Destruction)


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