Foamed Bitumen

INTERFOAM® IC-4952 is a first-generation foaming bitumen agent developed by Interchem Pty Ltd in Australia for use in foamed bitumen stabilisation processes.

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INTERFOAM® IC-4952 is a first-generation product developed by InterChem in Australia for use in foamed bitumen stabilisation processes. After its introduction in 2013, it has gained broad success in pavement construction and pavement recycling markets in Australia.

Key features of INTERFOAM® IC-4952

Non-dangerous material makes transportation and storage simpler and less costly.

Australian made, Australian owned minimizes lead time for unforeseen demand and can cater for any project.

Interchem Pty Ltd is a private Australian owned company translating to fast supply, support and product development decisions.

Foam Stability and Efficiency - Customers have found expansion efficiency and ½ life compare favourably vs alternate materials.

- ½ life of 30-40 seconds are typical, depending on bitumen source.

- More stable foam means more efficient transport of bitumen through the aggregate and a better quality road surface.

Flexibility in pack size - Available in 20kg, 200kg and 1000kg pack sizes and order quantities can be tailored to contract requirements.

INTERFOAM® IC-4952 fully complies with requirements of Transport and Main Roads Specification MRTS09 and Roads and Maritime Services Specification 3255.

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