InterChem supports a range of specialty materials and dry mix additives for the construction industry.

Our portfolio includes

Concrete release agents

EVA resins for low VOC coatings, adhesives and fillers

Specialty Polycarboxylate superplasticisers for high performance construction applications

Fluorinated Surfactants and fluoropolymers

Ethanol amines, and specialty amines, for example ADVANTEX™ (TDS) and VANTEX T™ (TDS) for high quality or low odour coatings, and just released:-

ADVANTEX™ AR and DM for ammonia replacement and cost sensitive applications 

Specialty additives (eg formaldehyde abatement additive, corrosion inhibitors, specialty wetting agents, dispersants and defoamers, Si-based water repellent additives, silane adhesion promoters)

Cellulosic thickeners (HPMC, HEMC)

Hydrocarbon Resins

Propylene Glycol, Coalescents and Hexylene Glycol


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